Different operating requirements require different designs. The company's product development and application technology are bundled into one unit to provide the best possible support for customers and to offer the best individual solution - whether to adapt an existing product or to develop a new design. Based on many years of experience and expertise, GOETZE® has developed a robust analysis tool for the design of face seals.

This tool makes it possible to evaluate new sealing geometries by simulation, or to find solutions for existing problems with customer applications. The virtual design is then validated by a series of laboratory and test bench trials, which include preload, spring characteristics, temperature and wear parameters. Special requirement tests, such as long-term and mud box tests, supplement validation.

In some sealing applications, the use of the standard design 76.90H / 76.97H is more complicated because of functional, construction or production-related reasons. This is the case, when the seal type 76.90H / 76.97H is installed into cylindrical bores.

The 76.91 adapter rings are an exceptional choice when a strong abrasive environment results in significant retaining lip wear on the housing contour. The 76.91 style rings eliminate the need to re-machine the housing, saving time and costs during scheduled maintenance activities.

The Adapter Ring, which is available in possible forms A and B, consists of deep-drawn sheet rings, which are encased in an oil-resistant elastomer material. The static sealing and transmission of torque is guaranteed by an outer wave-profile of elastomer, which also protects from corrosion.

Product Description

Adapter Ring 76.91 is a deep-drawn sheet ring encased in oil-resistant elastomer material with static sealing and torque transmission guaranteed by an outer wave-profile of elastomer. Adapter rings facilitate quick repairs with refinishing unnecessary.

  • Material: Sheet metal with vulcanized rubber
  • Seal elastomer(s) used in standard seals: Form A: NBR; Form B: NBR & FPM
  • Seal Ring Outer Ø Range (standard parts): Form A: 121 to 195 mm; Form B: 100 to 478 mm
  • Seal Ring Inner Ø Range (standard parts): Form A: 94 to 166 mm; Form B: 83 to 444 mm
  • Detailed Seal and Housing Dimensions: see reference brochure
  • Many standard and custom sizes available


Mechanical face seals from Tenneco's GOETZE® brand are found wherever the going gets really tough: in heavy technical equipment such as construction machinery, conveyors, mining machinery, concrete and cement mixers, tunnel boring and agricultural equipment. Our face seals ensure lubricant retention within wheel hubs and axles, track rollers, transmissions and many more components.